Top Joint Commission 'Findings' Around Hospital Renovation And Construction Jobsites

Thursday, Sept. 21 2023
2:00-3:00PM EDT

Join us for an up-close look at the Top Joint Commission 'Findings' Around Hospital Renovation and Construction Jobsites. Our special guest is Robert Neil, MBA, CHFM, CHSP, Principal Consultant at Joint Commission Resources (JCR). JCR’s mission is to continuously improve the safety and quality of healthcare. During this live session, Rob will share how Joint Commission impacts CMS reimbursement, as well as the most common situations related to the misinterpretation of guidelines that he typically encounters on jobsites. Bruce Bickford, Vice President, Product Development at STARC Systems, will share his insights on how superior temporary construction barriers, designed safety-first, are raising standards across the industry. Register today!


Robert Neil, MBA, CHFM, CHSP, Principal Consultant, Joint Commission Resources

Bruce Bickford, Vice President of Product Development, STARC Systems

Learning Objectives:

  • Who is Joint Commission?
  • What is Joint Commission’s connection to CMS accreditation, and how does it impact reimbursement?
  • What is EC 265, and how does it affect construction safety standards?
  • How does ICRA 2.0 impact temporary construction walls?
  • How industry leading temporary wall systems—engineered with a safety-first mindset—are now raising the industry’s safety standards.

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